Bodan Litnianski

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Bodan Litnianski

The Garden of Wonders of Bodan Litnianski


As a Facteur Cheval of the consumer society, Bodan Litnianski (1913-2005) has been able to transform a modest plot around his house into a beautiful garden, finding in the height of its totem-like towers, the space he was missing. "I invented it all by myself. I have not been looking for a model of someone”,  he liked to repeat to delighted visitors.This website is a small substitute visit for those who have not had the chance to enter the garden in the company of Bodan.
This website is still under construction, other pages are
to come (dolls, columns, etc)  All new elements are welcome. Thank you in advance and enjoy your visit.



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Essai de biographie
Localisation et cadastre Les murs d'enceinte
Le jardin sud
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Le jardin nord Girouettes Motifs Bibliographie


Le Jardin des merveilles de Bodan Litnianski  est le site des Éditions Vivement Dimanche (association loi 1901 déclarée n° 2/12859). contact : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it