Bodan Litnianski

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Enclosing walls

The enclosure, around which one, untill 2005, could make a complete walk, has walls and gables of dwellings, that surround the gardens. Bodan has initially clad them with mineral material, shells, stones, shards of dishes, afterwards he used tiles, glass, pottery, dolls ...

Through the fence on the walls one can see the colums surrounding the property. At the outside of the wall strange-shaped stones are incorporated, on the inside there are “mini-columns”, simple tubes decorated with patterns, and with miscellaneous objects placed on top.

To follow: pictures of a complete walk around, starting along the north-east facade, and some details

enceinte3 enceinte4
enceinte5-1 enceinte5

The crew of the film Louise Michel in front of the northern facade, on the side of the rue Jean Jaurès

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denc4 denc5
denc6 denc7
denc8 denc9
denc10 denc11
enceinte 12
©photographies Benjamin Teissèdre - Laurent Jacquy
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