Bodan Litnianski

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The southern garden


cour sud 1

The southern garden was not accessible to visitors. It could be accessed via the house, the couple's private plot. This is where firewood was stored, some herbal plants were growing and where some materials were stored

By way of a glimpse, taking a view through the fence and the columns, one could assume some piles and the walls on the backside,  which, like the wall on the northern side, were covered with a composition of shells..

So all was done to make the outside visible. The adjacent field, that touches the plot,  really is a colorful stronghold that rises at the horizon..

For the amusement of the youngest (but of course, for all people), Bodan had especially constructed for children’s use, the "column of the children", only composed of toys and colorful plastics (many groups from schools in the region have paid a visit, and the inclusion of toys in these constructions was always a great succes with the classes).

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